Vulnerabilities (CVE)

Total 216155 CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS v2 CVSS v3
CVE-1999-1051 1 Matt Wright 1 Formhandler.cgi 2008-09-05 5.0 MEDIUM N/A
Default configuration in Matt Wright FormHandler.cgi script allows arbitrary directories to be used for attachments, and only restricts access to the /etc/ directory, which allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via the reply_message_attach attachment parameter.
CVE-1999-1053 2 Apache, Matt Wright 2 Http Server, Matt Wright Guestbook 2008-09-05 7.5 HIGH N/A cleanses user-inserted SSI commands by removing text between "<!--" and "-->" separators, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands when is run on Apache 1.3.9 and possibly other versions, since Apache allows other closing sequences besides "-->".
CVE-1999-1057 1 Digital 1 Vms 2008-09-05 4.6 MEDIUM N/A
VMS 4.0 through 5.3 allows local users to gain privileges via the ANALYZE/PROCESS_DUMP dcl command.
CVE-1999-1059 1 Att 1 Svr4 2008-09-05 10.0 HIGH N/A
Vulnerability in rexec daemon (rexecd) in AT&T TCP/IP 4.0 for various SVR4 systems allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands.
CVE-1999-1070 1 Xylogics 1 Annex 2008-09-05 5.0 MEDIUM N/A
Buffer overflow in ping CGI program in Xylogics Annex terminal service allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via a long query parameter.
CVE-1999-1078 1 Ipswitch 1 Ws Ftp Pro 2008-09-05 7.5 HIGH N/A
WS_FTP Pro 6.0 uses weak encryption for passwords in its initialization files, which allows remote attackers to easily decrypt the passwords and gain privileges.
CVE-1999-1098 1 Bsd 1 Bsd 2008-09-05 5.0 MEDIUM N/A
Vulnerability in BSD Telnet client with encryption and Kerberos 4 authentication allows remote attackers to decrypt the session via sniffing.
CVE-1999-1102 4 Apple, Bsd, Sgi and 1 more 4 A Ux, Bsd, Irix and 1 more 2008-09-05 2.1 LOW N/A
lpr on SunOS 4.1.1, BSD 4.3, A/UX 2.0.1, and other BSD-based operating systems allows local users to create or overwrite arbitrary files via a symlink attack that is triggered after invoking lpr 1000 times.
CVE-1999-1103 1 Digital 1 Osf 1 2008-09-05 4.6 MEDIUM N/A
dxconsole in DEC OSF/1 3.2C and earlier allows local users to read arbitrary files by specifying the file with the -file parameter.
CVE-1999-1105 1 Microsoft 1 Windows 95 2008-09-05 5.0 MEDIUM N/A
Windows 95, when Remote Administration and File Sharing for NetWare Networks is enabled, creates a share (C$) when an administrator logs in remotely, which allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files by mapping the network drive.
CVE-1999-1115 1 Hp 1 Apollo Domain Os 2008-09-05 7.2 HIGH N/A
Vulnerability in the /etc/suid_exec program in HP Apollo Domain/OS sr10.2 and sr10.3 beta, related to the Korn Shell (ksh).
CVE-1999-1124 1 Allaire 1 Coldfusion 2008-09-05 7.5 HIGH N/A
HTTP Client application in ColdFusion allows remote attackers to bypass access restrictions for web pages on other ports by providing the target page to the mainframeset.cfm application, which requests the page from the server, making it look like the request is coming from the local host.
CVE-1999-1162 1 Sco 2 Open Desktop, Unix 2008-09-05 6.4 MEDIUM N/A
Vulnerability in passwd in SCO UNIX 4.0 and earlier allows attackers to cause a denial of service by preventing users from being able to log into the system.
CVE-1999-1166 1 Linux 1 Linux Kernel 2008-09-05 7.2 HIGH N/A
Linux 2.0.37 does not properly encode the Custom segment limit, which allows local users to gain root privileges by accessing and modifying kernel memory.
CVE-1999-1167 1 Third Voice 1 Third Voice Web 2008-09-05 6.4 MEDIUM N/A
Cross-site scripting vulnerability in Third Voice Web annotation utility allows remote users to read sensitive data and generate fake web pages for other Third Voice users by injecting malicious Javascript into an annotation.
CVE-1999-1168 1 Iss 1 Internet Security Scanner 2008-09-05 7.2 HIGH N/A
install.iss installation script for Internet Security Scanner (ISS) for Linux, version 5.3, allows local users to change the permissions of arbitrary files via a symlink attack on a temporary file.
CVE-1999-1172 1 Maximizer 1 Maximizer Enterprise 2008-09-05 5.0 MEDIUM N/A
By design, Maximizer Enterprise 4 calendar and address book program allows arbitrary users to modify the calendar of other users when the calendar is being shared.
CVE-1999-1179 1 Sysadmin Magazine 1 2008-09-05 7.5 HIGH N/A
Vulnerability in CGI script, included in May 1998 issue of SysAdmin Magazine, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands.
CVE-1999-1181 1 Sgi 1 Irix 2008-09-05 7.2 HIGH N/A
Vulnerability in On-Line Customer Registration software for IRIX 6.2 through 6.4 allows local users to gain root privileges.
CVE-1999-1190 1 Admiral Systems 1 Emailclub 2008-09-05 10.0 HIGH N/A
Buffer overflow in POP3 server of Admiral Systems EmailClub 1.05 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via a long "From" header in an e-mail message.